Lipton is calling attention to the lunch break habits of Britons, encouraging them to reclaim their lunch break with its newly launched Lipton Lunch Club

It’s time to swap dining ‘al-desko’ for dining alfresco. Desk-side dining has become the new norm across Britain’s offices, as looming deadlines, back to back meetings and full inboxes cause lunch breaks to fall off the priority list and into the ‘nice-to-have’ pile.

Lipton® research has found that Britons aren’t taking their lunch break and Lipton is on a mission to change this with the launch of the Lipton Lunch Club, which will bring the sunshine to lunchtime, together with plant-based cook and successful author, Rachel Ama, who has joined forces with Lipton as its Head of Lunch this summer.

In a bid to help Britons add more joy to the everyday, Lipton surveyed 2000 professionals on their lunch break habits which uncovered some eye opening statistics. Whilst 89 percent understand that taking a break is somewhat, to very important, Lipton reveals that only 18 percent of respondents admit to eating lunch away from their desk, with 60 percent of people entirely skipping their lunch break at least twice a week.

Seeking a nationwide shift in these workplace attitudes, whilst understanding the impact of having lunchtime plans (as survey findings show 44 per cent say they’re better at taking a lunch break when there is somewhere to go or something to do) the first ever Lipton Lunch Club is bringing Brits together to take back their midday meal.

Lipton will bring the sunshine back to lunchtime over the summer with its Lipton Lunch Club tour where a spectacular double decker bus will tour the nation, taking home in the UK’s major cities. The Lipton Lunch Club will offer all those on their lunch break a space to enjoy the sunshine accompanied by complimentary Lipton Ice Tea, fun outdoor games, and a live DJ to help workers rediscover the benefits of taking a midday break.

A select number of attendees in some UK locations will also enjoy a free lunch on Lipton, supported by a host of delicious local and national food vendors including Mama’s Goodies in London on 13th June. A boosted mood and uplifted energy were just some of the benefits that 50 percent of respondents agreed feeling when they took the time to leave their workplace for lunch.

The array of positive effects that Britons felt when taking a lunch break also included increased social interaction and wellbeing and overall increased energy, proving that the benefits of taking a dedicated lunch break often outweigh the reasons given for not taking one.

Phil Thomson, Senior Business Development Director at Lipton Ice Tea said: “We are thrilled to bring sunshine to the millions of people who don’t take a midday break and remind them of how refreshed and energised they feel after taking a dedicated lunch break. The launch of the Lipton Lunch Club tour in London will kick of a great couple of months travelling the UK encouraging Britons to make the most of their lunch break to reap the benefits of a boosted mood and increased social wellbeing.”

Joining the Lipton Lunch Club as Head of Lunch is popular plant-based cook and successful author Rachel Ama. With a hectic work-life schedule, as well as her passion for nutrition-rich meals Rachel understands the importance of taking breaks even on the busiest days and is excited to partner with Lipton to bring joy to midday breaks. Lipton Head of Lunch, Rachel Ama said, “It is so important to reset yourself throughout the day; mentally and physically.

So many of us try to power through the day to achieve as much as possible but often this doesn’t benefit overall productivity, which was evident in the results of the Lipton research. A way I try to give myself a break through the day is by simply pushing myself to dedicate a time to have a lunch break. A break for a mental reset and to refuel the body. I love that you can join Lipton’s lunch club tour over the summer to take that break and get a Lipton Iced Tea.”

The Lipton Lunch Club tour will kick off in Bishops Square in London from 10 June – 15 June before touring the UK; in Nottingham from 18 June – 22 June, in Manchester from 25 June – 29 June, in Liverpool from 2 July – 6 July, in Birmingham from 9 July – 13 July, in Bristol from 17 July – 21 June and finishing back in Portsmouth from 23 July – 27 July. Lipton will offer a free lunch to a select number of Lipton Lunch Club attendees at select locations across the nationwide tour.

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