Writers’ Guidelines for Feast Magazine.org

Are you enthused by the realms of gourmet dining, opulent lifestyle, and premium travel? Feast Magazine.org is on the lookout for skilled writers eager to share their distinct viewpoints and insights with our audience. Our mission is to enrich our readers’ lives through informative tips, sound advice, and captivating articles.

Why Contribute to Feast Magazine.org?

  • Widespread Exposure: Your contributions will be presented to our broad audience, reaching over 30,000 followers across various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Feast Magazine.org enjoys more than 25,000 monthly page views.
  • Active Readership: Our content resonates with our audience, ensuring a fulfilling experience for contributors. The interaction across our website and social platforms is lively and supportive.
  • Professional Development: We encourage our contributors to provide a bio and photograph. Featuring your work on Feast Magazine.org can lead to heightened visibility for your personal or business websites, thereby expanding your professional horizons.

Our Writing Standards – A Focus on Excellence

To be considered for publication, ensure your submission adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Originality is Essential: We accept only original content. Your articles must be unpublished elsewhere, including personal blogs, and should avoid reusing segments from previously published works. We strictly prohibit duplicate content.
  • Engaging Content: We seek articles that offer practical, relevant information captivating our readers. This might encompass insights into novel culinary experiences, high-end travel, and lifestyle trends. Review our past content to grasp our style and subject preferences.
  • Writing Requirements: Submissions should be in American English, ranging between 600 and 2,700 words, and must be grammatically sound and well-structured.
  • No Affiliate Links: Your articles should not contain affiliate links.
  • Limited Self-Promotion: Restrict self-promotion to your author bio unless the piece is specifically about a business, event, course, or workshop.
  • Linking Policy: You may include a direct link to your site in your author bio. We reserve the right to edit or remove links at our discretion, especially if they are excessive, violate Google guidelines, are affiliate links, or are unrelated to the article’s topic.

Topics of Interest

We particularly welcome articles related to:

  • Gourmet Cuisine and Fine Dining
  • Premium Travel Destinations
  • Exclusive Hotel and Spa Experiences
  • High-End Fashion and Jewellery
  • Prestigious Real Estate
  • Luxury Vehicle Insights and Trends
  • Unique Culinary Adventures

Article Submission Process

  • How to Submit: Send your article as a Microsoft Word document to editor@feastmagazine.org
  • For First-Time Contributors: Include a bio of up to 60 words and a professional headshot with your first submission.
  • Image Requirements: Submit all images in JPEG format.

We aim to acknowledge every submission, though please allow up to two weeks for an initial response. Articles may be returned for further development or revisions, and we retain the right to alter titles or content prior to publication.

Get in Touch

For discussions on article proposals or inquiries about becoming a regular columnist, please reach out to Sam Allcock at editor@feastmagazine.org

We eagerly anticipate your contributions and are thrilled to disseminate your knowledge and perspectives to our readers!