British foodservice company SSP Group has broadened its footprint in Finland by inaugurating four new food and beverage outlets at Helsinki central rail station.

This move builds upon its established presence in the Finnish airport market.

The first two establishments, a Starbucks and an Upper Crust sandwich outlet, have commenced operations.

Another two outlets are slated to open in the latter half of 2025.

These openings align with Helsinki rail station’s major infrastructure redevelopment endeavor.

The initial phase of this expansion will generate 20 jobs, with an additional 20 during the subsequent phase.

Helsinki’s art nouveau central station, a prominent city landmark since 1909, remains Finland’s busiest travel hub, serving over 200,000 passengers daily.

Elena Heiska, Managing Director of SSP Finland, remarked, “With an impressive track record in the European rail market, this new win will enable us to build on our successful operations in Finland, strengthening our position in a major capital city.”

“It will also provide a firm foundation for our plans for further expansion in Finland and beyond. Our operational skills and compelling brand portfolio enabled us to tailor an offer perfectly suited to passengers at Helsinki rail station which was instrumental in our success in winning this tender.”

“Starbucks is a much-loved name in Finland while Upper Crust has proven very popular with passengers at Helsinki Airport. We’re confident that it will be equally well-received by travellers at the station.”

SSP Group operates food and beverage outlets in travel locations worldwide, boasting a diverse portfolio of brands serving customers in 36 countries.

The group recently introduced new Burger King and Starbucks outlets at Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport’s Terminal 1.


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