Spanish seafood giant Angulas Aguinaga is making its foray into plant-based seafood alternatives through a collaboration with startup Vrave, launching a konjac-based calamari under the Aguinamar brand.

The innovative product is now available in Spain and is being distributed through major supermarkets including Alcampo and Carrefour, as revealed by Vrave CEO and founder Ricard Puigdemont in an interview with Just Food.

Looking ahead, Angulas Aguinaga and Vrave are set to expand their market reach. They plan to seek distributors to export the squid-free calamari to the UK, France, and Portugal starting “next month”.

Puigdemont further disclosed the strategic vision for the product’s placement, stating, “We expect to have a balanced sell out” in both retail and foodservice channels.

This partnership originated nearly two years ago as part of an open innovation programme spearheaded by the KM Zero Food Innovation Hub in Barcelona.

“This is only the beginning of a very interesting relationship,” commented Puigdemont. He added, “In this first phase, we need to validate the product market fit and answer of the consumer. We will [work together on the] next phases to keep pushing the category.”

At this time, Angulas Aguinaga was unavailable for comment.

The Gipuzkoa-based company, renowned for its seafood products including the La Gula Del Norte chilled and frozen eels, and the Japanese Surimi brand Krissia, was acquired in 2020 by French private equity firm PAI Partners from Spain’s Portobello Capital. In 2021, the group expanded further by acquiring Italian marinated seafoods producer Deligusti.

Additionally, Vrave, recently rebranded from Grin Grin Foods, offers a variety of plant-based meat alternatives. Their product range includes chorizo made from soy protein, meatless sausages, fish-free cod fritters, as well as falafels and shiitake gyozas.

In a LinkedIn post, Vrave expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “This collaboration combines the best of both worlds: our expertise in food innovation and their reputation for high-quality seafood. Together, we have created a solution that is not only delicious but also aligned with the values of corporate responsibility and sustainability.”

Vrave highlighted the benefits of the open innovation approach, noting, “This joint effort has been made possible by an open innovation approach, allowing us to explore new ideas and apply advanced techniques to develop products that truly respond to current market needs.”


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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