MOD Pizza, a prominent US fast-casual chain, has announced a strategic partnership with Bikky, a developer of customer data platforms for restaurants, aimed at enhancing its customer analytics capabilities across its extensive network of 500 outlets.

The collaboration will enable MOD Pizza to refine its marketing and menu strategies more effectively, aiming to resonate better with customers and subsequently increase profits.

Bikky will support MOD Pizza in capturing and utilising both digital and in-person customer data. The platform will provide detailed metrics such as counts of new and repeat customers, preferred ordering channels, peak times, and favourite menu items.

Furthermore, Bikky will assist MOD Pizza in evaluating the effectiveness of its loyalty campaigns and promotions, analysing conversion rates, revenue, and their impact on customer visit frequency. The integration of loyalty, in-store, and off-premise data through Bikky is expected to enhance MOD’s consumer visibility by eight times.

Ben Sadler, Director of Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty at MOD Pizza, commented on the partnership: “Our partnership with Bikky enables a new avenue for additional insight into predicting what we can be doing to better serve our loyal, regular and first-time customers, and evaluate how we’re levelling up.

“While we love and understand our loyal customers, we’re excited to get to know the rest of our guests.”

According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry’s sales are projected to reach $1.1 trillion in 2024, marking a 10% increase from the forecast for 2023.

Abhinav Kapur, Co-founder and CEO of Bikky, stated: “Every restaurant brand succeeding in today’s digital-first world understands that an investment in their technology is the same as an investment in their customers.

“We’re proud to help them make more data-informed decisions that achieve their mission of putting their people and customers first.”

In a related development, American fast-food chain Bojangles also partnered with Bikky in March 2024 to better understand digital-first consumer behaviours. Through Bikky’s platform, Bojangles will access important metrics such as guest frequency and lifetime value, as well as strategic insights on the influence of promotional offers on customer retention.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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