The renowned fast-food chain Jollibee has unveiled the comeback of its Ube Pie dessert and introduced two novel chicken sandwich variants in the US, available for a limited duration.

Jollibee enthusiasts can now savour the Bacon and Cheese Chicken Sandwich and the Aloha Chicken Sandwich at all outlets across the country.

The freshly introduced Bacon and Cheese Chicken Sandwich, retailing at $7.99, boasts the chain’s acclaimed hand-breaded chicken breast fillet, complemented by umami mayo and a brioche bun, and crowned with bacon and cheese.

The Aloha Chicken Sandwich, similarly priced, is adorned with Aloha dressing, grilled pineapple, bacon, and lettuce, delivering a distinctive sweet-savoury taste sensation.

Jollibee’s Ube Pie dessert, renowned for its vibrant purple hue and creamy, sweet taste, is crafted from 100% authentic Ube, a favoured ingredient in South-East Asia.

Enclosed in a rich, buttery, and flaky pastry, the Ube Pie is available at $2.99.

Maribeth Dela Cruz, Head of Honeybee Foods Corporation trading as Jollibee Business Group, shared her excitement: “We’re beyond excited to offer these new, innovative flavour combinations that build on the Jollibee taste portfolio that fans have come to know and love.”

“Our recently developed Chicken Sandwiches are the perfect meal for people looking to experience something deliciously new, and the return of our delectable Ube Pie offers the ideal way to end a satisfying meal.”

The availability of the Bacon and Cheese Chicken Sandwich, Aloha Chicken Sandwich, and Ube Pie is while stocks last.

In a move to expand its US presence, Jollibee recently inaugurated a new establishment in Brooklyn, New York City, augmenting its existing portfolio that includes two eateries in Manhattan and another at 609 8th Avenue.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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