ChowNow, known for its marketing and online order services for eateries, has recently taken over Cuboh, a specialist in amalgamating online orders. This acquisition is set to offer a cohesive tool for eatery managers to optimise their off-premises operations.

Launched in 2018, Cuboh has carved a niche for itself by enabling restaurants to handle orders from various delivery platforms through a singular interface, thereby cutting down on device use and minimising mistakes.

Chris Webb, ChowNow’s Chief Executive, remarked on the expansion of off-premises dining driven by consumer demand, which poses hurdles for restaurant crews. “We’re looking forward to offering our partners a complete digital platform that seamlessly integrates into their POS system, allowing restaurant teams to focus their energy on their craft,” he stated.

The practice of utilising upwards of half a dozen digital platforms, each with distinct protocols, training needs, and fees, is commonplace among restaurants. The synergised capabilities of ChowNow and Cuboh are anticipated to lower the financial burdens associated with order discrepancies.

ChowNow champions commission-free orders via its application, having preserved $700 million in commission costs for restaurants thus far. Its Diner Impact Score, crafted in 2021, assigns a bespoke monetary value to the savings customers accrue by using its app. With the inclusion of Cuboh, ChowNow’s system now melds with 14 POS systems across North America.

Following the acquisition, ChowNow has reorganised its framework to accommodate the Cuboh personnel. Users of Cuboh will gain access to ChowNow’s array of offerings, including but not limited to ChowNow Pro and Flex Delivery.

Juan Orrego, who co-founded Cuboh and serves as its CEO, shared that the venture was initiated to facilitate an economical and efficient digital transition for restaurants. “That’s why this opportunity with ChowNow is so exciting for our team. Restaurants can very easily sign up and get everything they need in one place, including a reliable POS integration. This is only the beginning of what’s possible; together, our teams can make a tangible impact on our restaurant partners to help them grow their businesses,” he expressed.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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