It’s undeniable that Brits love a good sandwich and the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association is today revealing Britain’s best sandwiches and how you can recreate these. 

Following the annual British Sandwich & Food to Go Designer of the Year competition where chefs and sandwich developers battled it out to be named Britain’s best, the association is sharing the recipes of the winning sandwiches.  

Whether it’s clubs, subs, wraps, rolls, baguettes, baps, bagels, toasties, pittas or paninis, people nationwide have a soft spot for sandwiches. This admiration of sarnies is just one of the reasons why British Sandwich Week takes place.  

To mark this year’s celebrations, below are the recipes for you to be able to create Britain’s best sandwiches. 


A bouncy brioche roll, filled with black tiger prawns coated in a passion fruit and mango chilli dressing topped with slices of fresh fruit and vegetables has been crowned the Britain’s best sandwich.  



1 Brioche Sub Roll 

15g Cos Lettuce 

25g Fresh Avocado Slice 

95g Chopped Black Tiger Prawn with Passion Fruit & Mango Chilli Dressing 

10g Fresh Diced Cucumber 

10g Fresh Diced Mango 

10g Diced Pink Pickled Onions 

3g Caviar 

1g Cress 


250g Chopped Black Tiger Prawns 

60g Cottage Delight – Passion Fruit & Mango Curd 

50g Mayo 

3g Korean Pepper Flake 

15g Lime Juice 


Mix together the ingredients to make passion fruit and mango chilli dressing and then add the cooked tiger prawns. Make sure you coat the prawns so you get a taste sensation in every mouthful!  

Cut open a fresh brioche sub roll and spread a thin layer of the curd inside for extra punch.  

Place the fillings in as follows: dressed prawns, avocado slices, diced cucumber, mango and pickled onions, caviar and top with fresh cress. 


A clever fusion of indulgent caramelised pears, candied walnuts, blue cheese bechamel, tingling hot honey and Gorgonzola Piccante inside sourdough slices. 



70g Futura Foods – Gorgonzola Piccante 

1 Slice Bretzel Sourdough Bread 

1 Slice Gorgonzola Piccante & Port Cranberry topped Sourdough Bread 

Blue Cheese Bechamel mix 10g 

2 Slices Prosciutto  

80g Caramelised Pear 

20g Candied Walnuts 

10g Hot Honey 


One slice of Sourdough Bread 

Spread 10g Blue Cheese Bechamel Mix onto sourdough bread 

Crumble Gorgonzola Piccante on top 

Top with two slices of Prosciutto 

Place six slices of caramelised pear on top 

Evenly place the Candied Walnuts over the sandwich 

Place Gorgonzola Piccante & Port Cranberry Sourdough bread lid on top 

Place the sandwich under the grill for the ultimate crunch 

Remove from the girll, place onto a serving plate and drizzle with hot honey 



A vibrant blend of bold flavors like coriander, chilies, mint, ginger and spices to create a chaat masala and then combining this with potatoes, a variety of vegetables and indulgent Gouda. 



Eight slices of Mona Dairy – Gouda 

75g potatoes, peeled and diced 

¼ tsp chaat masala 

Finely chopped red pepper 

Finely chopped red onion 

¼tsp cumin seeds 

Two slices sourdough bloomer 

25g unsalted butter 

25g mint leaves 

Coriander leaves 

¼ tsp lemon juice 


Half of a finger green chilli 

Chopped red onion 

Pinch of ginger  

Pinch of sugar 


Using a blender, blitz the mind leaves, coriander, lemon juice, green chillies, red onion, ginger and sugar together to create a hot mint chutney  

Peel, dice and boil potatoes until soft. 

In a large bowl, crush the potatoes and then add the chaat masala, cumin seeds, red pepper and red onion. Mix thoroughly. 

Pop the bread on a board and butter each slice. Now spread a layer of the hot mint chutney on one of the slices. Then, on the remaining slice, spread the potato mix. Top each slice with an even layer of Gouda.  

Gently press the slices together i.e. hot mint chutney (with cheese) over the potato (with cheese) slice.  

Spread more butter on the outsides of the sandwich. Heat a large lidded non-stick frying over a medium heat. Toast the sandwich with a lid on for 2 minutes until the base goes crispy, lightly tanned, with the cheese beginning to melt. Flip over and toast the other side for a couple of minutes with the lid on. 

Serve with some of the remaining hot mint chutney dipping sauce in a small bowl. Devour. 



This mouth-watering wrap contains tangy pickled coleslaw, spring onion, fresh tomato, Yuzu Kosho Mayo and succulent fried chicken, ready to tingle anyone’s tastebuds.  


One piece H.Smith – Delightful Breaded Chicken 

One tortilla wrap 

25 grams of pickled coleslaw 

5 grams of spring onion 

30 grams of sliced tomato 

20 grams of Yuzu Kosho mayo 


Fry the chicken in a good amount of oil until it’s golden and crispy 

Dress with a Japanese-style sauce 

Chop the chicken into large strips 

Lay out the wrap and add spread a generous layer of coleslaw  

Top the coleslaw with the fried chicken  

Drizzle with the Yuzu Kosho mayonnaise and sprinkle the spring onions Wrap  


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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