Awarded its second Michelin star in April 2024, Lakeside at The Fontenay on the shores of Lake Alster in Hamburg has this month introduced a zero-alcohol pairing menu to accompany its seven-course tasting menu.  

Junior Sommelière, Ann Katrin Spyra, developed the concept together with Lakeside’s Master Sommelier, Stefanie Hehn, and Restaurant Manager, Michel Buder.  Ann Katrin explains, “As soon as a new menu item is communicated and explained by the kitchen, we sit down together to create a suitable drink accompaniment based on the flavours and ingredients. We use flavoured teas, kombucha, juice spritzers and drinks that we mix ourselves. The focus is on creating a complete picture, like that of a wine accompaniment. It is important to us that the drinks are not too sweet or filling.” 

The Lakeside team alternates between its own creations, which also use oils and brews from the kitchen, and high-quality products from long-standing partners such as Kombucha from Muri Copenhagen or the Sparkling Tea Company.

Sample beverages from the pairing menu include the Boston Ananas, a blend of coconut water, undone smoky agave and the hotel’s exotic brew, a mix of pineapple, passion fruit, mango and tamarind.

Lakeside Restaurant on the seventh floor of The Fontenay Hotel is bright, flooded with light and offers spectacular panoramic views over Hamburg and Lake Alster. Awarded their second Michelin star in April 2024, Executive Chef Julian Stowasser and his team cook here – for the soul and at the highest level. The creations at Lakeside are delicious, but also unconventional, bold and unexpected in their combinations.

Lakeside is open Tuesday to Saturday between 7pm and midnight, with seating between 7-8pm.  

Further information and Lakeside’s current menu can be found here:


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