• Brighton has been crowned the best city in the UK for outdoor cooking, with the least rainfall and the most sunshine hours
  • London ranks second, with the highest average temperature in summer, at 21.3°C
  • Tom Gozney shares top tips on how to host an outdoor party this summer

As the sun starts to come out, people across the UK will be eager to cook and eat al fresco. While some might opt for a traditional barbecue, others are jumping on a new trend: the outdoor pizza oven. 

Google searches for the term ‘pizza ovens’ have surged from 64,000 in April to 92,000 in May, showing the growing interest in outdoor cooking. But with so many looking to cook outdoors this summer, which location in the UK has the best weather for it?

Premium pizza oven brand Gozney explored weather-related data from 50 of the most populated cities and towns in the UK, analysing which places have the warmest temperatures, the least rainy days, the most sunshine and the longest daylight hours during the summer months.

Brighton is the best place for a pizza party in the garden this summer. With an average of just 6.7 days of rainfall during June, July and August, the least rainfall of any city. There are around 9.1 hours of sunshine per day during summer, the most of any city. But if no access to a garden, Brighton Beach offers wide open spaces to organise an outdoor dinner party with friends and family2.

Claiming second place is London. It ranks in third for rainfall levels, with just 7.7 days of rain during the summer months, making this a great option for those using an outdoor pizza oven in their garden this summer. Lincoln’s Inn Fields in Holborn or Waterlow Park in Highgate are also great public place options for those missing a private outdoor space3.

Portsmouth ranks third, proving a great location for Brits hosting homemade pizza nights this summer. The city is second place for the highest average temperature, 20.7°C and follows just behind Brighton, coming second for average rainfall of just 7.3 days each month.

Poole comes fourth, with the second-highest temperature of 21°C, and the fourth lowest level of rainfall (8 days). Rounding off our top five is Slough, in fifth place for the highest temperature (20.6°C) and fourth for the least amount of rainfall, with just over a week (7.7 days) of rainfall. For those wanting to cook out and about, Sandbanks Beach is a beautiful location permitting guests to use cooking equipment outdoors

Tom Gozney, founder of Gozney, offers top tips on how to improve your outdoor cooking skills and host a pizza party this summer: 

“From the dough to the toppings, preparation is key when hosting an outdoor pizza party. Make the dough the day before and then take it out the fridge at least a couple of hours before to give it enough time to rest and loosen up. If you are short on time or hosting a large party, you can also order ready-made dough balls online that get delivered straight to your door. 

Don’t forget the toppings! It’s best to prep these before your guests arrive. Pepperoni, olives, mozzarella… Chop and lay out all your favourite ones ahead of time and place them in little bowls to make it easier for your guests to choose from.

Having a few different base sauce options available for everyone to make their own unique pizza helps get their imagination working and encourages people to try new things. And to inspire your guests, it’s always nice to have a cookbook handy!

Everything you cook with needs to be cleaned as equipment that is left outside or in outside areas can experience the negative effects of rain, damp, cold and heat, plus even critters from the outside world. Make sure you clean your equipment regularly, and consider buying a cover for your pizza oven or barbecue to protect it from the elements when not in use.”


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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