Moor Hall Restaurant with Rooms is thrilled to reveal seven new Garden Rooms designed by Koto. Set in the picturesque grounds of Chef Mark Birchall’s two Michelin-starred epicurean destination in Aughton, Lancashire, the secluded architecturally crafted suites offer design finesse, unparalleled culinary expertise and a sustainable luxury travel experience. 


Seven botanicals have provided the names and inspired Koto’s bespoke interiors for each of the new rooms, thereby promising guests a unique sensory journey that reflects the essence of Moor Hall, from garden to plate to room.  


Named Melilot, Sea Buckthorn, Woodruff, Sweet Cicely, Oxalis, Borage and Anise Hyssop, each room captures the essence of its botanical inspiration through subdued colour schemes that create a seamless connection between guests and their natural surroundings. Anise Hyssop features woods with lilac accents, luxurious fabrics and bronze details; Oxalis incorporates light wood tones with origami-inspired furniture in shades of purple and burgundy; Sea Buckthorn sees terracotta hues paired with white oak finishes, earthy textures, and touches of black. 


The Garden Rooms are surrounded by woodland and beautifully landscaped gardens and come complete with a private hot tub and terrace, for a peaceful nature-immersed retreat. Reflecting Moor Hall and Koto’s shared commitment to sustainability, the rooms have been crafted with the utmost respect for the environment and embrace the dynamic relationship between nature, design and hospitality.  


Alongside a stay in the Garden Rooms, guests will enjoy unforgettable gastronomy with lunch or dinner at Moor Hall. This starts in the historic main house with snacks and aperitifs in the lounge, followed by a tour of the kitchens for an insight into the workings of a two Michelin-starred restaurant. Once seated, there are views of the lawns and lake on one side and the open kitchen on the other; the perfect setting to enjoy Mark’s exquisite modern British dishes, which showcase Moor Hall’s own produce as well as that from the best local farmers and growers.  


After coffee, digestifs and petit fours back in the lounge, guests can enjoy the Garden Rooms and grounds at their leisure, with the opportunity to explore the five-acre productive gardens; a commitment to sustainable practices and growing their own produce has seen Moor Hall awarded a Michelin Green Star. In the morning, a tasting breakfast is served in The Barn at Moor Hall, the neighbourhood restaurant that is also on site and offers relaxed dining inspired by local heritage and tradition. Those looking to fully immerse themselves at Moor Hall can also book a Kitchen Experience or Garden Experience, for an interactive first-hand understanding of the restaurant and grounds.   


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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