Creams Café, the nation’s largest & favourite dessert chain, is this month launching an innovative new line of products to its menu, featuring a first-to-market meringue based treat. The Pavlova Puffs, initially available in two flavours, are an indulgent masterpiece and design for diners to share. Each dessert has been crafted on top of a giant meringue with a crunchy exterior and chewy middle – something no other nationwide dessert parlour is currently doing.

Renowned and award-winning for its unparalleled approach to product innovation, the NPD team at Creams Café always has the customer at the heart of their new product development. Looking for new ways to bring delight and joy to people through desserts, the creation of the Pavlova Puffs is no different. Tapping into the growing sharing category, the Pavlova Puffs have been designed to be enjoyed between two people.

The two new desserts are:

Summer Berry Pavlova Puff, a base of crunchy raspberry-flavoured meringue, filled and topped with Creams signature soft serve, drizzled with tangy raspberry coulis and lashings of white chocolate sauce, before being topped off with white chocolate shavings, fresh strawberries, and a dusting of raspberry powder.

Chocolate & Honeycomb Pavlova Puff, a giant chocolate meringue filled with soft serve ice cream, drizzled with chocolate crisp and toffee sauces, before being topped with crushed honeycomb and milk chocolate shavings, and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Everett Fieldgate, CEO of Creams Café, comments: “Our innovation strategy focuses on addressing challenges, seizing opportunities and bringing sweetness, joy and abundance to our customers. People want hospitality businesses to deliver experiences which are new and will delight, and every time we approach the blank whiteboard of innovation, this is what we must have at the front of our minds.

“We are incredibly excited about our two new Pavlova Puff products. We wanted to bring something to our customers which they have never had through Creams before. Meringues are such an incredibly versatile product and the perfect canvas for layering different flavours and textures – from indulgent chocolate to fruity favourites. We’ve had incredible feedback from our taste-testers so far, and we can’t wait for everyone else to grab a spoon and enjoy.”

The Pavlova Puffs are the latest in a flurry of innovation from Creams Café launched this summer, which has included seasonal specials such as the collaboration with Pepsi’s Popworks brand to create a sweet take on nachos, and desserts inspired by social media crazes, including The Crookiewich – warm cookie dough in a toasted croissant, filled with Creams’ signature gelato and topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

The Pavlova Puffs will be available in Creams Café stores nationwide from Tuesday 9th July, priced at £8.95.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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