Celebrating the Fascinating World of Fungi through Arts, Music, and Education


The UK’s first dedicated mushroom festival, the All Things Fungi Festival (ATFF), is back for its second year 13th – 15th September 2024.

Tapping into the growing interest in all things fungi and for smaller more affordable festivals, ATFF brings together some of the biggest names in the world of fungi.

Following a sold-out inaugural event, this unique micro-festival promises an even more immersive exploration of the fascinating world of fungi through art, music, and education.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Fungi, once overlooked and misunderstood, are gaining appreciation for their diverse roles in healthcare, food production, ecosystem services, and potential solutions to global challenges like climate change and food insecurity[1][3][4]. This growing interest is driven by increased scientific understanding, community engagement, and a shift in public perception towards valuing fungi.[2][4]

Situated on the beautiful Chiddinglye estate, East Sussex, surrounded by meadows, forests, and dark skies, the festival offers a unique opportunity to explore the multifaceted world of fungi. The festival site, known for its rich biodiversity, provides an ideal backdrop for this three-day camping event, where attendees can immerse themselves in nature while discovering the artistic, scientific, and therapeutic aspects of mushrooms.

Stellar Line-Up of Artists and Experts

Highlights include award-winning DJ Auntie Flo aka sound artist Brian d’Souza transforming mushroom biorhythms into captivating sounds, Mercury Prize-nominated folk singer Sam Lee curating the main music stage, and performances by African-Celtic dance band Baka Beyond.

Artists curated by ATFF co-founder and botanical artist Jana Nicole, recipient of the prestigious “Prix Puvee De Chevannes” include acclaimed bio-artist Anna DumitriuRob Bintley (UV fungi spray painting), Emily Stappleton-Jefferis (creating prototaxites sculptures), John King (mushroom glass blowing), and William Brown, author of *Fungalphabet*, who will introduce babies and toddlers to the world of fungi on Sunday’s Family Day.

Educational Offerings and Wellbeing

ATFF has gathered some of the pre-eminent minds on the subject of fungi from around the world to come and lead forays and lecture. Discussions on psychedelics, shamanic healing sessions, and demonstrations on natural dyes and bioluminescent henna tattoos also await.

Highlights include:

  • Ali The Fungi Guy: Leading engaging forays and workshops.
  • Dr. David Luke: Providing a lecture on psychedelics.
  • Chris Timmermann: Discussing his research on the potent psychedelics N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT.
  • Sidnee Ober-Singleton: Hosting UV nighttime forays and demonstrations on natural dyes and bioluminescent henna tattoos.
  • SYMCYTO: Demonstrating slime molds and projecting art.

Culinary Mushroom Delights

Food and drink offering promises a delectable fungi-themed experience using locally grown produce. Including bespoke creations by MasterChef finalist Ollie Hunter, Dragons Den winners London Nootropics and Radeks Chocolates along with Pomobasilico and the Funky Funghi bar offering non alcoholic drinks. Expect pork belly and mushroom quesadillas,  mushroom burgers coffee and more.

Expanded Capacity and New Areas

With interest surging, ATFF has increased capacity to 600 attendees and introduced dedicated spaces for children/families, an art gallery, and the Lounge a new intimate acoustic sound stage with covered seating area.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sponsored by Mycopunks and hosted at the biodiverse Chiddinglye estate, ATFF prioritises local biodiversity and minimising ecological impact.

A Dry Festival for Adults and Families

While an adults-only event, Sunday offers a special family day for children and parents to explore fungi together in a focused environment.

Join this unforgettable celebration of the captivating fungi kingdom through art, music, learning and culinary delights. Book tickets at www.allthingsfungi.co.uk.

Festival program & Line up (2024) | All Things Fungi


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