Thai restaurant Giggling Squid hires eight mini critics to launch their all-new kids’ menu 
Giggling Squid has hired ‘Squidlet Critics’ to review the all-new kids’ menu, giving the young foodies their chance to give their feedback on the new menu. Giggling Squid Harborne, south west of Birmingham, hosted the first ever tasting session after a nationwide month-long search.
The eight mini foodies, with ages ranging from six to 11, tried the new dishes before giving their sought-after feedback. They tucked into Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce (£1.99), Thai Omelette and Jasmine Rice (£7.99), Mild Chicken Massaman Curry with Jasmine Rice (£7.99) and the all-time classic, Pad Thai Noodles (£7.99) and gave their opinions on appearance, taste and serving size.
With chicken nuggets and pizza definitely not on the menu, kids will be able to enjoy the same authentic Thai tastes as their parents at Giggling Squid. Other tasty dishes making their way onto the menu include Grilled Pork on Skewers and Dipping Sauce (£1.99), Stir Fried Vegetable Noodles (£7.99), Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken or Prawns (£7.99) and for dessert, Roti with Condensed Milk and a Sprinkle of Sugar (£1.99).
Key input into the new menu included the Squidlet Critics’ feedback on the Massaman Curry being ‘the right level of sweetness’ and the Prawn Crackers being ‘just spicy enough’ for younger palates and this was factored into the final menu for children.
The hiring of the Squidlet Critics to help refine the kids’ menu comes after research by Giggling Squid revealed the tastebuds of UK kids are more refined than they get credit for. It showed that children are ditching the plates of beige for more exotic flavours with almost half (47%) of children saying stir fry is amongst their most liked dishes, over half of UK little ones being able to identify tofu (55%), and half (50%) of children choosing a spring roll at snack time over anything else.
Giggling Squid’s Culinary Director, Agnelo Pereira comments, “It was fantastic to work with eight mini foodies to help refine and craft our kids’ menu. A lot of time and love goes into crafting our menus, so to have the final menu given the rubber stamp of approval from children themselves has been great. It’s been a pleasure seeing the passion for food from little ones!”
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