Mars has announced plans to inject an additional €130m ($140m) into eight of its French factories.

The investment, which was unveiled today (13 May) at the Choose France investment summit, aims to bolster the company’s French operations by creating 72 new roles across its factories nationwide.

A substantial portion of this funding is allocated to enhance the pet food production lines at the Saint-Denis-de-L’Hôtel site, known for producing Pedigree and Whiskas brands. Mars intends to modernise and expand the production capacity at this location, which will include the recruitment of approximately 60 new employees annually.

In addition, nearly €48m will be channelled into the Royal Canin brand at the Aimargues site in Gard. This investment will focus on upgrading kennels and office spaces to better support the well-being of both employees and pets. The plan also includes the installation of solar panels and expanding storage capacities for raw materials.

The company’s confectionery division is set to benefit from about €50m of the total investment. This includes nearly €50m dedicated to its Alsatian factories, with the M&M’s brand receiving €47m for enhancements at its Haguenau factory.

This site, which is the largest M&M’s production facility in Europe, is slated to overhaul its industrial cold production chain to minimise its environmental impact. The upgrade will replace old equipment that uses greenhouse refrigerant gases with new, more environmentally friendly technology. This change is expected to cut the factory’s electricity use by 17% and water consumption by 33%.

Romain Dumas, managing director of Mars Petcare & Food in France, stated: “At Mars, we are deeply committed to making a significant contribution to the French economy and society. This commitment is based on our mission, which is to continue to develop our business to create value for people, animals, the company and the planet, while reducing our emissions.

“This investment aims not only to improve our infrastructure but also to support local communities and promote sustainable development. With these initiatives, we strengthen our commitment to France, demonstrate our confidence in its ability to innovate and prosper, and actively participate in its economic dynamism for a responsible and sustainable future. We look forward to a constructive conversation with the government on the need to continue economic reforms to unleash growth in France and the EU.”

This expansion reflects Mars’s dedication to enhancing its operational capabilities while emphasizing sustainability and support for local communities and economies.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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