Luckin Coffee, a renowned Chinese coffeehouse chain, has broadened its menu with the launch of the SEO Black Cup Gesha series, a new line of single-origin espresso beverages.

This exclusive selection, boasting Gesha beans procured from Bench Maji in Ethiopia, is now accessible at all Luckin Coffee outlets throughout Singapore.

Sourced by the brand’s dedicated global bean-hunting team, these beans are cultivated at elevations ranging from 1,909m to 2,609m, yielding a unique flavour profile.

The Gesha collection encompasses various coffee styles, including Americano, Flat White, Latte, and Dirty, each priced at $4.50. Availability is limited.

For new users who download the Luckin Coffee app, there’s an introductory offer allowing them to purchase their inaugural Luckin Black Cup for just $0.99.

Crafted under the expert guidance of the World Barista Championship team, this range exemplifies the essence of single-origin or single-area espresso, celebrated for its unique taste and the influence of local environmental conditions like climate, soil, and altitude.

In addition to the Gesha series, Luckin Coffee has introduced the Hambella line and the SOE Yirgacheffe collection, with plans to launch the Sumatra Gayo range in early May 2024.

As of January 2024, Luckin Coffee has been designated the official coffee partner for the Australian Open tennis tournament in China and Southeast Asia, featuring the brand’s logo online and on TV broadcasts during the 2024 event.

In a significant milestone, Luckin Coffee inaugurated its flagship store on Zhongshan Road in Xiamen in June 2023, becoming the first Chinese coffee chain to surpass 10,000 outlets.


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