• Dolmio reveals that over half (57%) of the UK can never decide what to have for their evening meal
  • In a bid to end dinner time indecision, the brand has partnered with TV & radio personality, Sam Thompson, to launch the first-ever DIY Drive-Thru- where dinner is boxed up and decided for you

Brits waste a staggering 37 hours a year agonising over what to eat, equating to 43 minutes of meal indecisiveness per week, with dinner being the most challenging choice of all (57%).

In fact, the average adult starts to feel stressed about what to eat at 3:10pm each day, aka when ‘dinnertime doom’ kicks in, the confusion over what to put on your evening plate. And this “food-fuss” is causing friction in homes across the country, with two-thirds (66%) admitting they argue with their partners over what to cook.

The poll by Dolmio has exposed the root of the dinnertime problem: lack of inspiration (31%) confusion over what to cook with existing ingredients (23%) and being too busy to think about it (21%).

Stepping up to save dinnertime and combat the nation’s indecisiveness, this week, Dolmio has partnered with TV/Radio Personality and 2023 I’m A Celebrity Winner, Sam Thompson, to launch its first-ever Drive-Thru at Sandbach Services on the M6, one of the UK’s busiest service stations.

Here to help Brits ditch dinnertime debates, the Drive-Thru will dish out ready-to-cook Dolmio mealsto commuters and travellers, showing how simple dinner decisions can be when armed with the right ingredients. 

Opening the doors to the Drive-Thru yesterday, TV & Radio Personality, Sam Thompson, who is all too familiar with dinner indecisions said: “When it comes to that final meal of the day, I know the struggle is real. Though pasta is my go-to comfort meal whenever I’m feeling unsure. So, you can imagine how excited I am to be part of the Dolmio Drive-Thru. If you’re a penne fiend like me, their DIY Stir in carbonara bundle is the one!”

Spokesperson Sian Gavin, Senior Marketing Manager at Mars Food & Nutrition said“Day-to-day life can be hectic and we’re forever having to make decisions, so choosing what to have for dinner is just another thing added to our plate (pardon the pun!). With the Dolmio range, dinners are made simple yet delicious and you can add twists to make it your own. And, as the majority of jars are packed with 95% vegetables, consumers are easily getting one of their five a day in every portion, helping to provide a balanced healthy diet. We look forward to inspiring our drive-thru customers this week. “

Located at the M6 Sandbach Northbound Service station, drivers have until 7 pm this evening to pick up their free dinner bundle from the Dolmio Drive-Thru, which caters to a range of different tastes. Catering for busy lifestyles, the Drive-Thru provides customers with the ingredients to create delicious meals like Bolognese-inspired tacos, a creamy carbonara and spicy baked potatoes, all with Dolmio’s best selling products.

What’s more, this will be followed by a further central London pop-up this month, in which indecisive commuters can also have their dinner woes overcome thanks to Dolmio Dinner Collection Points, located by some of the city’s busiest stations. Watch this space.

To find out more, check out: https://www.instagram.com/dolmiouk/.


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