American restaurant franchise Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has chosen ParTech’s omnichannel ordering and loyalty platforms to sharpen its digital approach and customer engagement.

The incorporation of PAR MENU and PAR Punchh will deliver a unified omnichannel ordering and loyalty experience.

PAR MENU will act as the cornerstone of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s digital ordering infrastructure, linking mobile app and web-based orders with third-party delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

The open API of MENU will be compatible with a variety of POS systems, which is essential for the franchise’s 140 locations that have processed over 35,000 orders since the system’s implementation.

Moreover, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s will employ PAR Punchh’s features to enhance customer loyalty.

The platform’s segmentation, gamification, and AI tools are crafted to boost customer engagement and loyalty through interactive challenges and rewards, the technology vendor stated.

These capabilities, along with accessible data insights, will allow Beef ‘O’ Brady’s to customise its marketing and operational strategies effectively.

PAR CEO Savneet Singh remarked: “MENU and Punchh complement each other, making them work better together and therefore benefiting Beef ‘O’ Brady’s operations, enabling them to deliver seamless guest experiences and drive revenue growth. This all-in-one solution allows brands to unify their data and experiences versus the disjointed experience we see so frequently today.

“We were excited to welcome the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s team back to Punchh and are even more thrilled to be supporting their first-party and third-party ordering channels with MENU. This marks a significant milestone, setting a new benchmark for omnichannel excellence and proving our ‘Better Together’ philosophy.”

Last month, the restaurant chain Wendy’s selected ParTech’s AI-based platform to elevate its customer engagement.

The fast-food leader is implementing PAR Punchh across its 6,500 locations in the US and Canada to revamp its loyalty programme with AI-driven gamification experiences.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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