With no doubt the utensils are essential components of every kitchen as each tool is chosen purposely to support the vigorous culinary process taking place in the kitchen. The main functions of cooking utensils are evident right from the moment when a cook starts slicing an onion: it is impossible to imagine any dish without the cutlery and other items which enable a chef to prepare meals. Regardless of your level of cooking expertise, from a professional who designs mouth-watering dishes to a home cook who tries new recipes, the use of suitable utensils can always make preparation vivid. Engage yourselves in history as we explore the most basic but significant tools used in preparing food and discover their significance in culinary arts. With these tools in their hand, they open the power of creativity and artistic freedom in the kitchen that is no longer just about feeding people.


Starting with the sharp sanitation of the chef’s knife to paring knives with precision and serrated knives as well as the utility knives which complete this triumvirate of knives for effective chopping, slicing, and dicing of the recipes in an efficient and precise manner.

Cutting Board

Sturdy cutting boards made out of wood or plastic can be used for chopping, slicing and dicing of foods; these are safer and more hygienically designed compared to cutting on countertops, besides being long lasting in the kitchen and offers protection for both countertops and knives.

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups and spoons offer the required degree of measurement to be exact and consistent in portions of ingredients required in recipes, with the right proportions of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and so on that a recipe requires in a dish, starting from as little as half a pinch of certain spices to as much as one cup or more of certain ingredients like flour.

Mixing Bowls

They come in different sizes and are used for tossing foods such as salads; mixing ingredients from dough making to combining other ingredients.


A whisk can be used while preparing sauces, salad dressing, cream etc., a whisk helps in get a standard mixture for every recipe whether it’s an emulsion or a thick fluffy omelet.


With its thin design and bent shape, spatulas are suitable for the most fragile dishes such as pancakes or burgers and are complementary to other utensils, necessary for protection of food products and working surfaces against burns and scratches.


Being long handled and offering firm clamps, tongs are very useful when handling hot foods on the grill or the stove as they provide measures of safety in the handling process in the kitchen.

Slotted Spoon

Precisely intended for both the evaporation of certain foods from liquids and the draining of liquid from the foods, slotted spoons play a very important role in serving dishes such as poached eggs, dumplings or braised meats among others.

Wooden Spoon

It doesn’t harm the utensils or the cookware, and is perfect for stirring and mixing food Gentle yet strong, wooden spoons are perfect for stirring and mixing food and are safe to use on non-stick pans as they can’t scratch or damage the surface of the utensils or the pot.


Colanders are useful for draining pasta, rinsing vegetables, and sifting grains; these items play a vital role in altering textures of your dishes and help in providing the right functionality in the kitchen.

Potato Masher 

This gadget especially comes in handy when you want mashed potatoes to feel as smooth as possible and when mashing vegetables to the right texture that can complement many comfort meals and side dishes.


Whether you want to chop cheese for a pasta sauce, or to grind vegetables for a salad, you cannot go wrong with a grater as it provides the needed detail to yields the desired crispiness in preparations.


Looking at its thin structure with a blade and design, a peeler gets the job of peeling fruits and vegetables right and with ease helping make meal preparation a fast affair.

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Baking Sheet and Baking Pan

A baking sheet and baking pan is a commonly used utensils in kitchens. Baking sheets and pans are essential in baking since they help produce the texture needed for various baked products, including crunchy cookies, soft cakes, and other baked items that require symmetry for a uniform finish.

Cooking Pot and Pans

This includes the cooking pots and pans which vary in size and material used for boiling, sauté and fried foods to enhance the versatility and performance of the cook utensils.

Oven Mitts

Being able to shield your hands from the oven’s heat, oven mitts provide safety and enclosed comfort in handling hot utensils and pots which in return gives you comfort when handling foods and utensils without having to worry for the burns that come with the cooking process.

Kitchen Timer 

A kitchen timer is perfect for time-telling when preparing meals and snacks because its accuracy enables you to prepare your meals with desired texture without compromise.

Can Opener

In the preparation of recipes, a can opener opens cans of ingredients without straining and this makes it easy to access the ingredients needed in cooking.

Kitchen Shears

Like the name suggest they are used in cutting or chopping small portions of food, marinating, snipping herbs or even shaving the fat layer off meats, opening packs among other uses making them an essential tool that every kitchen requires.

Cooking Thermometer

A universal cooking thermometer is a handy tool that facilitates the measurement of the internal temperature of meals and meat products to avoid poisoning and to achieve the desired level of done-ness in food.


These are the basic tools that are employed in the kitchen and make up the framework for the dish preparatory work, which in shrines the creativity and proficiency of the chefs. Even the knives, cutting boards, spoons, cups, etc., each are equally important for making the food tasty and for creating impressive and distinctive meals and dishes.


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