‘Travels With My Father’ star Michael Whitehall and wife Hilary appointed as Beach Rangers by easyJet Holidays to tackle beach botherers

  • The top beach annoyances include portable speakers, drones, stray frisbees, and people who reserve sun loungers
  • Jack Whitehall’s parents appointed as Beach Rangers to tackle ‘beach botherers’
  • Holidaymakers can download witty signs to take on their next trip abroad
  • Thousands of beach package holiday deals at www.easyjet.com/en/holidays

Portable speakers, drones, feeding seagulls and social media poseurs have been named amongst the UK’s top beach annoyances when on holiday, according to new research from easyJet Holidays.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed over 36 million (68%) Brits are likely to take a beach holiday this year. Nearly all respondents (94%) reported having their beach relaxation ruined by poor beach etiquette in the past.

One in four people (26%) report leaving a beach earlier than planned due to experiencing ‘beach bothers’. Despite this, nearly half (45%) wouldn’t confront the bothersome individual, while half (50%) indicated they would be willing to pay more for a holiday that guarantees a beach free from bothersome activities.

To help tackle bad beach-behaviour this summer, the holiday company has employed TV stars Michael and Hilary Whitehall to crack down on bad beach behaviour.

Michael (84) and Hilary (62) are easyJet Holiday’s new ‘Beach Rangers’, educating staff on how to spot annoyances and deal with them.

The nation’s top 20 beach annoyances are:

1. Noisy kids

2. Litterbugs

3. People playing loud music from portable speakers

4. Unruly dogs

5. Raucous stag or hen parties

6. Being hit by a stray football or frisbee

7. People making loud phone calls

8. People feeding seagulls

9. People shaking sand off their towels

10. Sun lounger reservers

11. Couples arguing

12. Smoky barbecues

13. People setting up large tents or gazebos, ruining the view

14. Drones (noise/privacy issues)

15. Social media poseurs (e.g., fussy photoshoots, TikTok dancing)

16. Gratuitous public displays of affection (PDAs)

17. Over-revealing swimwear

18. People digging large holes and not filling them when they leave

19. Strumming guitarists who can’t hold a tune

20. People recklessly spraying sun oil, coating everyone around them

During his time on the hit Netflix show ‘Travels with My Father’, Michael was famous for his no-nonsense approach when it came to dealing with bad etiquette. As easyJet Holiday’s new summer Beach Rangers, Michael and Hilary will be bringing the same energy, helping to create the best beach atmosphere for holidaymakers across Europe this summer.

The couple previewed a range of witty warning signs which are available to customers to download and display if they encounter any nonsense when abroad, so they can enjoy their brilliant holiday.

The Whitehall’s beach warning signs include:

  • BEYOND THIS POINT Instagrammers jumping at sunset
  • WARNING Loud Noise. Guy with XL speaker has playlist of ‘absolute bangers’
  • DRONE ZONE! Low flying aircraft operated by untrained pilots
  • Remote worker on conference call. May circle back without warning!
  • HIGH RISK OF WONDERWALL. Beach guitarists with zero self-awareness

When it comes to social media, 45% of Brits believe social media has ruined the beach environment, and over half (55%) find overhead drones are an invasion of privacy.

Brits also have a low tolerance for people who get up early to bag a sun lounger. Nearly half (46%) believe that an unoccupied lounger with a towel on it can reclaimed after just one hour, and 12% think it can be taken in less than 30 minutes.

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Hilary and Michael Whitehall are appointed as ‘Beach Rangers’ by easyJet Holidays in an effort to eradicate what research by the brand reveals to be ‘the UK’s top 20 beach annoyances’. The top beach annoyances include portable speakers, drones, loud phone calls, and people who reserve sun loungers. In a poll by easyJet Holidays, 94 per cent of respondents reported having their beach relaxation ruined by poor beach etiquette in the past.

Michael Whitehall, easyJet Holiday’s Beach Ranger said: “Nothing spoils a holiday faster than bad beach etiquette. Whether it’s shaking sand from towels everywhere or treating the beach like their own private nightclub, we’ve seen these issues all over the world. It’s time to put a stop to them. As Beach Rangers, Hilary and I are here to educate tourists on the common courtesies and basic do’s and don’ts of beach etiquette to ensure everyone enjoys a great beach holiday this summer. And remember, don’t feed the seagulls. It never ends well.”

Matt Callaghan, Chief Operating Officer at easyJet Holidays said: “We know so many people love to take a beach holiday at this time of year, and everyone should enjoy their time away in their own way. Our research has shown the nation has some beach boundaries they wish were observed so that everyone can have fun in the sun. So, thanks to our new Beach Rangers, summer getaways abroad will no longer be disrupted by those who are out to kill the chill!”

To help Brits be more aware of beach bother behaviour, easyJet Holidays has created a series of etiquette signs which can be downloaded from www.easyjet.com/en/holidays/beach-etiquette and easily taken on holidays.

Visit www.easyjet.com/en/holidays to book your 2024/2025 package holiday at the best value.


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