Koppert Cress is proud to present a revolutionary addition to their innovative range: Codium Blue, the ‘Truffle of the Sea’. This exceptional seaweed enchants with its savoury umami-like flavour and exciting saltiness. With its deep blue-green colour and playful, coral-like texture, Codium Blue promises to be a culinary sensation that surprises and delights both the eye and the taste buds.

The crisp and juicy Codium Blue could also be used as a truffle substitute with its savoury umami-like flavour and exciting saltiness. The dark bluish green Codium Blue has a playful and coral-like structure and is different from all other Codium varieties. It looks like just as it would emerged from the sea, with a very natural appearance, like seaweed in its purest form, but even better. A real eye-catcher. Codium Blue is multi-purpose and pairs well with crustaceans, fish, chicken and plant-based dishes. Do rinse lightly and eat raw like sashimi. Codium Blue is often eaten raw but also lightly cooked in various dishes. The creative minds can combine Codium Blue with pastries, desserts and ice cream for an undiscovered level of flavour.

“What is special about Codium Blue is that it has a very nice umami flavour and can be a very nice addition to both a fish and vegetarian dish. You can go in all directions with the product and apply it in an oil, vinaigrette, ice cream mix or drying. Normally codium is a seasonal product and you have to process it immediately, but Codium Blue is available all year round, which is an added value for many chefs.” – Star chef Yornie van Dijk (Restaurant Basiliek* Harderwijk, The Netherlands)

Codium Blue, where Codium is the Latin name and the suffix Blue refers to the ‘Blue zones’. Codium is a seaweed found in several ‘Blue zones’ around the world. For centuries, green algae have been eaten as a valuable supplement of nutrients, fibre and antioxidants. There are more than 100 specific species of Codium, each with a different taste, colour and texture. It is also called ‘Dead man’s fingers’ from the reminiscence of the branching that look like fingers. This seaweed can also be found along the Mediterranean coast and is harvested seasonally. Well traveled chefs will differentiate the varieties of Codium. Koppert Cress’ Codium Blue has been selected for its unique shape and umami-rich flavour. Koppert Cress do cherish the fascinating world of plants, and we consider Codium Blue to be ‘the truffle of the sea’ in our Ocean Botanicals series.

Codium Blue is year-round available, grown and transported in purified salt water, it can be stored at a room temperature of 17-25°C until the indicated expiry date. Place in a light environment. Produced in a socially responsible culture, Codium Blue meets hygiene standards. This seaweed is ready to use, as it is grown cleanly and hygienically.

“There are many varieties of codium available, but this one is really unique. Very proud, because it is a challenge to handle this quality year-round. In my opinion, a beautiful truffle flavour and together with the Moai Caviar an enrichment of our underwater vegetables. There is so much more in the pipeline, but we won’t reveal anything about this just yet.”  Rob Baan (owner Koppert Cress)

With the introduction of Codium Blue, Koppert Cress is challenging culinary professionals and enthusiasts to embark on a new adventure and discover the unprecedented possibilities of this ‘Truffle of the Sea’.


Sam Allcock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in Food & Drink Editorial.

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