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Spirit Restaurant has Teamed up with Blue Apple Veterans Charity

Spirit Restaurant has Teamed up with Blue Apple Veterans Charity

The Spirit Restaurant located in Warrington has teamed up with Blue Apple Veterans Charity. Through this partnership, the charity’s allotment will be used in the Warrington restaurant and Spirit’s food will be served in the in the charity’s new café in the town centre.

The Spirit Restaurant in located next to the charity’s one-acre allotment and garden site, which will mean that the Spirit Restaurant will be using local produce in its meals that will be easily accessible to the chefs. Located on Park Manor, Victoria Park, the location of the allotment and restaurant provides an ideal opportunity to build a partnership.

Head Chef Rick Barlow works with his team in order to produce the highest possible quality, tasty ingredients in the menu. So teaming up with the military veterans, who are seen to work hard in order to produce the best quality products the partnership should work well.

Blue Apple Veterans is a charity that was launched five years ago in order to support service men and servicewomen as well as their families across the north west. The charity helps these veterans that are dealing with issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The charity offers physical as well as emotional support to all its veterans through a team of volunteers and the use of the allotment and garden in Victoria Park. Blue Apple works with as many as 100 former Army, Royal Navy and RAF personnel every week.

The Blue Apple Veterans Café is located in Buttermarket Street, Warrington. The café opened in February, but due to a lack of volunteers and facilities, the café has not been able to serve hot food. The Spirit restaurant will deliver fresh food o the café which will allow visitors to buy high quality products. By doing this, the restaurant is helping more money for the charity.

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