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Two Students Use Holiday to Inspire Start-up Business

Two Students Use Holiday to Inspire Start-up Business

Two young students have taken holiday inspiration and created one an innovative new dessert startup in Manchester. In 2015, Henry Milroy and Rob Huysinga where visiting Thailand when they came across a stall that served ice cream in a creative and innovative new way.

The pair were aware that there would be a market for stir-fried ice cream in the UK, spending the rest of their time in Ko Phi Phi working to recreate the amazing ice cream spectacle that they had seen. The the pair got bat the the UK they immediately got to work making their business venture dream a reality. Pan-n Ice toured around the biggest festivals this summer showcasing their creative new start-up to a large audience. Soon after the summer tour had ended, Henry and Rob managed to get a permanent home inside Selfridges at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. The new concession stand for the partnership is currently the busiest that the location has ever had.

The most important thing that has been learned by Rob and Henry and most other people starting their own business venture is that it is vital to maximise each and every penny of revenue for the business. This means that funds are limited for Pan-n-Ice, which creates a range of problems for the company, especially as the business founders were both University students when they first started the business. At this point the pair turned to iZettle, which is a commerce solutions provider that works to offer small businesses a range of tools to help them grow, from card payments to a point-of-sale system.

Society is becoming more and more digital, with the widespread use of contactless technology and apps to pay for purchases with mobile devices, people are moving further away from cash. Because of this, iZettle offers their card readers and allows smaller businesses that would usually rely on cash sales could increase their intake, especially when working at events where it is likely that customers could be without cash.

Speaking about this offering, The two founders of Pan-n-Ice have said that there are a large number of people at each event they attend that would watch them work with amazement then not have any cash available to make a purchase. Therefore, the iZettle card reader offers the pair, and other businesses the chance to make a sale that they would have previously missed out on, and the customer gets to try the amazing, creative, Stir-fry Ice Cream.

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