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Wedding Season is in Full Swing

Wedding Season is in Full Swing

With Wedding season in full swing, a number of brides to be will be looking at what is on offer while planning their big day. With the Dress being seen as the most iconic and important part of a bride’s Wedding Day, finding just the right one that is comfortable, flattering and beautiful is a difficult task.  However, when a bride finds the perfect dress, all other details can seem to slot perfectly in to place.

Look Glamorous with an Amazing Short Wedding Dress

Looking for a wedding dress for a petite body frame? Truth be told, searching for the right bridal dress for any body shape or size is always a daunting task. For a short bride things are even tougher because the reduced length of the dress curtails creativity in design. However, when properly done by an experienced designer, a short wedding dress can dazzle and stand out from the general bridal party wear.

Considerations in Short Wedding Dress

When shopping for short dress ideas you must be wary of any design that will not emphasize your legs.  Remember your legs are an invaluable asset and while a voluminous bridal gown might look great you will get lost in there. The idea is to find a dress that accentuates your figure and reduces the focus on your height. Anything calf length will make your legs short while a dress with a dropped waist which will make your legs seem non-existent.

The perfect wedding dresses for petite brides should create an illusion of a long torso. There are so many styles you can borrow from runway shows.  It is easy to customize such ideas to get an ideal dress that will stand out. Among the popular styles you will find featured on the resourceful weddingforward.com are:

  • Sheath dresses: The tried and true sheath has always been a great choice for the petite bride and you can never go wrong with it. Its straight-cut silhouette will give you a much desired statuesque look to help you stand out.
  • Amazing lace: Lace wedding dresses never go out of fashion and there are so manyvariations to choose from. They always work perfectly in combination with embellishments.
  • Empire waist: This is the perfect idea to elongate your waist. Dresses that with an empire waist will add to your height.
  • A-line wedding gown: This is a no-brainer and your wedding dress designer will tell you so. These gowns come in various styles but A-line is the most important feature which not only makes you look glamorous but also turns away the eye from your height.
  • Sweetheart wedding dresses: Just because you are looking for a short bridal dress doesn’t mean you should compromise on the aesthetics. Look bright in a sweetheart wedding dress and no one will be focusing on your height.

There are so many incredible short wedding dresses from renowned designers including David’s Bridals, Alberta Ferreti, Jenny Packham, Jim Hjelm, ReemAcra, Rivini and Temperley Bridal. Go on and check these designs to get inspired.

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