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Hull Has Announced There Will be a Relaunch as a Brand New Outlet Level

Hull Has Announced There Will be a Relaunch as a Brand New Outlet Level

The 300,000 sq. ft. retail and leisure development located in the centre of Hull has announced that there will be a relaunch as a brand new outlet level is opened. Princes Quay, the retail and leisure location in Hull City Centre is holding a re-launch as Next Outlet opens their new store in the City Center.

The new Next Outlet Store is the first stage of a £20 million investment into Hull City Centre. It is thought that the new 12,000 sq. ft. store will help to put the new outlet deck at the centre of visitors shopping locations. The new floor opened to the public on the 22nd of June and the first day was successful, with queues of people down the mall waiting for access to the new store. The footfall that has been recorded over the first four days since the re-opening is increased by 75% in comparison to the same years last year.

The repositioning of the centre has generated enough extra space to welcome around 24 new retailers. The location is 65% ready and prepared to welcome other big names who are expected to open their doors such as Ben Sherman, Sole Trader and Bench. These clothing and footwear brands are all new to Hull, so their presence in Princes QUay will be an expansion of the brand and won’t be taking custom away from another chain location somewhere else in the city, thereby hopefully generation more shoppers and increasing the money spent in the City Centre.

This first phase that has seen the opening of the Next Outlet is part of further work to create a new, modern and urban location which will merge with the existing retail and leisure facilities with the creation of a new outlet deck. This project has been brought into action with the assistance from Fund Managers, Seven Dials and Realm who are all acting as Asset and Development Managers.

As well as the new retail outlets planned, Realm are aiming to create a new waterfront dining hub located on the Harbour Deck. This dining location will create space for seven more restaurants and cafés split across 18,000 sq.ft. The new site will be located close to established chains such as Pizza Express and Nando’s.

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