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7 simple tips to Feng Shui your home

Feng shui, literally translated as wind-water, is an ancient Chinese school of thought that dictates that spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to flow of energy (or qi) can have positive and negative effects. In other words, your surroundings determine whether you will have good or bad fortune. This applies nowhere more strongly than in your own home.

But don’t worry; the transition to a more Feng Shui home is not necessarily a difficult one – so here are some top tips to get started!

Clear the clutter

Freeing your house from the burden of clutter is fundamental to creating a good energy in the home. In a general sense, Feng Shui teaches that your home is an outward expression of your life at that present time. For example, if your house is messy, it is more likely that your life is in a state of disarray. Similarly, if you live in a tidy, cosy home, your position in life is strong.

Natural light and plants

Natural light is instrumental in transforming any area of your house from a place of stale, stagnant energy to a living, breathing environment full of life. Coordinating the arrival of natural light with plants is a sure-fire way to enrich your home with positive energy.

Reflect positivity

Feng Shui places a large degree of importance on mirrors, purely because they can be used to transfer positive energy from one part of a room to another.

Stop runaway qi

As well as encouraging the flow of energy around your home, it is also important to prevent positive energy from leaving your home. Rugs, furniture and decorative objects can all be used to impede the loss of positive energy. Foremost amongst the concerns regarding Feng Shui, is the worry of wealth and success being ‘flushed away’ down the toilet. In order to prevent this, keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible.

Free your bedroom from distractions

The bedroom is the most important room in the whole house according to Feng Shui. As a sanctuary and a centre of relaxation, as well as the place in the house where we spend the most time, it is essential for the bedroom to be organised in relation to the laws of Feng Shui.

This even applies to family photos. Family photos can be a reminder of obligations that will preoccupy you with stress in what should be a room free from distractions.

Keep windows clean

Windows are personified by Feng Shui practitioners as the eyes with which we view the world. To guarantee your sight is clear, it is imperative that windows are kept clean at all times. This can be achieved relatively easily by using an old newspaper, a bottle of vinegar and some water.

Keep your arteries clear

In a similar fashion, hallways are personified as the veins and arteries of the house and in the same way that the arteries and veins are responsible for transporting blood to and away from the heart, hallways are responsible for transporting favourable and unfavourable effects to and away from the home.

Whatever your attitude towards Feng Shui, there is no doubt that fundamentally, Feng Shui promotes the features everyone wants from their home. From cleanliness to positivity, there is at least one aspect of Feng Shui that will resonate with you. If you are feeling inspired to make changes to your home, https://www.taskersonline.com/ should be your first stop.

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