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New Speyside Whisky Distillery Gains Planning Consent

New Speyside Whisky Distillery Gains Planning Consent

Speyside whisky distillery has acquired planning permission from Moray Council to open a new distillery. The new Speyside distillery will use historical distilling and bottling methods in order to create a unique whisky. The production at this newly approved site is expected to take place in 2019.

It has been around 150 years since the oldest legal distillery closed in Cabrach, therefore this new announcement is great news. The new site will be operated using the historical practices is ideal for reviving and maintaining the heritage of the area. The Cabrach distillery will be opened in a wild and remote location on the southern edge of the Moray and in the centre of Speyside. This facility will be opened in one of the birthplaces of Scotch whisky. This area has a history associated with illicit stills and smuggling in the past.

On the site the new distillery will include the distilling, maturation and bottling of a special new whisky. The new facility will be created using the blueprint of an early 19th century distillery which will also be made using historical building methods.

The construction work is set to begin at some point next summer with the production of whisky planned for 2019. It is thought that the first bottling of mature whisky from this site will take place in 2024, with plans for 150,00 bottles expected to be produced each year. There will also be a share offer announced next year. This will allow supporters to be involved in the project at an early stage and be a small part of the whisky heritage of the area.

The existing Inverharroch Farm will also be transformed into a visitor attraction in order to put Cabrach on the map for tourists and recording the area’s place in the history of Scotch Whisky.

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