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Frenchie Covent Garden Refreshed

Frenchie Covent Garden Refreshed

Husband and wife partnership Gregory and Marie Marchand have been working to upgrade the interiors of their UK restaurant, the Frenchie Covent Garden. The upgrade has been planned with the intention of improving the guests’ experience of the restaurant.

The award-winning restaurant was first launched at the start of 2016 as a sister restaurant, Frenchie Paris, and has experienced a two week refresh in order to offer more comfort for the guests at the restaurant and additional seating. The sister location has been designed by Emilie Bonaventure.

The Henrietta Street location now has a glass screen in their light flooded entrance. This feature has been added in order to protect guests in the restaurant in the colder months by offering more warmth. There is also a pair of high dining table that have been added towards the rear of the restaurant that will offer a more intimate dining option for guests. With the extra seating Frenchie Covent Garden offers the space for ten more diners.

Gregory Marchand is the eponymous ‘Frenchie’ and started his culinary journey by learning to cook at the age of 15 in Nantes, western France.  Gregory first learned to cook in the kitchen of the orphanage where he grew up before beginning his career and working in some of the finest kitchens around the world, including London, Hong Kong and New York.

Gregory’s menu at Frenchie Covent Garden offers a collection of dishes that are simple and yet have an air of sophistication. The menu has roots in French cuisine and has been transformed through the inspiration gained from working around the world. By by making the most of all ingredients, from the simplest to the most luxurious, Gregory and his team worked to produce dishes that surprise and delight guests.

The refreshed and renovated Frenchie Covent Garden will re-open on the 12th September.

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