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Contract Caterers Want to do More to Combat Food Waste

Contract Caterers Want to do More to Combat Food Waste

It was announced this week that most contract caterers want to do more to combat food waste. Research has been carried out which reveals that 54% of contract caterers want more technology that would give them a better estimation of food and footfall so they can reduce their food waste. It is seen as the number one problem in the catering industry, the amount of waste that is produced, therefore any way of cutting this down could help companies increase their revenue and be more sustainable.

The research was carried out by Omnico and looked in to the attitudes towards technology of 153 senior figures in the contract catering and food services. 53% of those who were asked said that reducing food waste is the company’s biggest challenge, whereas 52% feel that any way of predicting the numbers wanting to eat, and the amount of food that would then be required would help catering companies operate in a more efficient manner. 58% of participants in the research thought that this kind of technology would also lead to the reduction of waiting times and queues and would then in turn improve the footfall.

It is thought that the progression of technology could combat the numerous challenges companies face due to food waste and queueing. By reducing these inefficiencies, contract catering companies will be able to save everyone time and money. The positive attitude towards technology in the catering industry could lead to discounts and benefits for the customer. Advancing technology used in the food service industry could lead to more advanced ordering systems, as well as a recorded history of purchases. Companies can use this ordering information in order to reduce the time the customer spends queueing and also offer personalized discounts. 41% of the senior figures in the catering company have shown an interest in a loyalty programme through the development of technology in this sector. 33% believe that an advanced booking app would allow them to better predict demand for food and reduce their food waste.

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