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Strawberry Season Fast Approaching the UK

Strawberry Season Fast Approaching the UK

With strawberry season fast approaching, and customers all around the UK about to stock their fridges up with British Strawberries and dishes such as pavlovas and shortcakes, however there are a few different ways to enjoy these summer fruits.

Strawberries, apart from being delicious, are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, meaning that they are good for you too! This popular fruit has been involved in a number of key british recipes and traditions over the years, with connections to major sporting events like Wimbledon. However with the abundance of strawberry recipes available, things can get predictable by the end of the season. The Head Chef at Hunter 486, Gary Durrant has released his tips to make sure that you can continue to enjoy the taste of strawberries throughout the summer months.

One innovative option is roasting the sweet red fruit. According to Gary, strawberries roasted and served with ice cream is a tasty different way to eat the fruit. This recipe is quick to prepare as well, meaning making a twist on the traditional strawberry isn’t time consuming. Another recipe is to pair with rhubarb and put on to toast for a summer twist on breakfast. To allow the flavours to develop event more it is recommended by Gary to push the strawberries into a piece of thick sliced bread and then chill overnight in a refrigerator. It is then recommended to fry the bread slices the next morning with butter in order to make breakfast extra special. Gary Durrant also recommends atting extras like cinnamon and brown sugar if desired for that extra twist. This dish is great served with a generous helping of greek yoghurt. The second dish does require a bit more preparation but the Head Chef of Hunter 486 sais it is worth it for the delicious breakfast.

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