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The Original Mr. Cooper’s Reveals Reinvented Dining Experience

The Original Mr. Cooper's Reveals Reinvented Dining Experience

The Original Modern Mr. Cooper’s has opened. Mr. Cooper’s Restaurant & Bar on Peter Street delivers a space that will meet customer tastes and preferences. The new restaurant will have a more relaxed dining experience in line with the demand for these dining experiences from customers.

The Modern Mr. Cooper’s has also taken a significantly more freeing approach to their look and music choices in order to attract more guests. The Restaurants and Bars that are connected to hotels can be seen as mass-produced. The team at Mr. Cooper’s wanted to create a unique space that can be incorporated into the daily life of the city. The relaxed environment is ideal for guests meeting for coffee, or enjoying a relaxed lunch or drink after work.

Essentially the new, modern Mr. Cooper’s is a lively, vibrant and relaxed space to enjoy food in whatever way you want to. The nonconformist attitude to the Bar and Restaurant has been replicated in the marketing technique for the new location, with an emphasis placed on the real Mr. Cooper and his passion for travel and music.

The Original Mr. Cooper’s Restaurant & Bar was first launched 4 years ago and made the most of the historic figure, Mr. Cooper, well known around Manchester for being unique and imaginative. The historic figure is known for his quirky personality and imaginative character which were both inspired by his travels around the world. Mr. Cooper brought back a variety of innovative flavours and sounds from his travels to his hometown and managed to blend the new inspiration with his heritage.

The vision for the new Restaurant has been modified to meet the needs of the modern customer, with the addition of new intimate areas which allows the customers to choose their own level of privacy, while also offering an open plan space. The menu at Mr. Cooper’s is cleverly simple, with dishes such as Cauliflower and Cumin Fritters and Gin Cured Salmon. The staff at the newly reopened restaurant are led by Marie Wilson, the Restaurant Manager, and are encouraged to be informative about the origin of different dishes available while also being light hearted with customers.

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