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New Scheme Produced by the Food and Drink Federation

New Scheme Produced by the Food and Drink Federation

A new scheme has been produced called “Packaging for people, planet and profit- sustainability checklist”. The scheme was developed by The Food and Drink Federation and the Industry Council for the research on Packaging and the Environment.

The checklist aims to help companies select and get the most out of their packaging systems with the intention to keep improving the sustainability of their value chain. The checklist comes with a foreword from Thérèse Coffey Environmental Minister and will provide companies with practical ways to improve the efficiency of their resource use during all stages of production as well as making sure that the function and integrity of the product is not decreased.

The checklist will also include the current regulations and guidance for food packaging, but the intention behind the scheme is to make companies think about and the go even further in order to create sustainable packaging.

The Packaging for people scheme will provide some support for businesses and focuses on trying to make businesses think about the packaging in terms of the complete production of a product. The scheme is part of the FDF’s Ambition 2025, an intention to minimize the impact of used packaging associated with the food and drink industry. Hopefully this drive will encourage more innovation within the packaging manufacturing which will allow for an improved overall product sustainability.

This new scheme could mean that the food and drinks products we buy will be changing their packaging in order to make the produce we buy that bit more sustainable. The main priority of the companies will be to create more sustainable designs and ensure that they still comply with food safety regulations. With all food and drink operators being urged to adopt the new checklist, more consumer-friendly sustainable packaging should be seen on the shelves.

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