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Lost and Found Brewery New Releases

Lost and Found Brewery New Releases

The Lost and Found Brewery is based in Brighton and has released three new products for AW17. Lost and Found has recently moved to new, larger promises in Horsham, Sussex. The company are focused on experimenting and innovating in order to consistently create new beers for their customers to enjoy.

The successful brewers have been rated on the leading beer app, Untappd as a 10* brewery. This means that they are ranked as one of the top breweries in the UK. Lost and Found Brewery were named in 8th place in the 10th of August 2017.

The business has split their attention between pilot brewing and creating their high quality limited commercial releases. The company have taken an open and inclusive approach to  brewing and all of their recipes are printed onto the side of the beer cans. The recipes for their products include premium quality liquid yeast which has been imported from the USA.

Over the course of the next six months, Lost and Found Brewery is looking to develop a range of products that are modern and vibrant and in small batches. This brewing process will allow the company to better adapt to the newly developed recipes and changes to drinking trends and styles.

The three new releases from Lost and Found are the American Pale Ale R3.2 which is a traditional American pale ale with hints of tropical and citrus; the IPA -Release 2 C-The Man Go, a tropical IPA with flavours of Mango running throughout; and finally a Pale Ale Gift pack, for yourself or a loved one this product offers a selection of Lost and Found products including the American Pale ale, the DIPA-ABV and the Four% Pale Ale, delivered in a custom made matte black tube with a choice of six coloured labels.

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