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Isabel’s Recently Released a New Product, Pão de Queijo

Isabel's Recently Released a New Product, Pão de Queijo

Isabel’s  has recently released a new product. Isabel’s Pão de Queijo are now available in Morrisons and Ocado. Pão de Queijo translates to cheese bread and Isabel’s new product is a Dough ball mix for shoppers wanting to try out a traditional Brazilian snack.

The Dough Balls Mix that has been created by Isabel’s is naturally Gluten free and offer customers a light cheese flavour snack that has a crisp crust and a chewy yet airy texture that are the perfect side for a summer gathering as well as with soups, canapés, mini sandwiches or in pack lunches. The Dough balls are also ideally suited to be served at breakfast with butter and jam.

This diverse product that has been released by Isabel’s, the gluten free food range producer. The Pão de Queijo are not only gluten free and free from any grains, soya, rice and maize have a low GI and high in fibre. The dough balls are created with Cassava flour which is a central ingredient in South American staple and is high in B-complex vitamins such as folate and B2 which is good for beneficial gut bacteria.

Cassava helps digestion by being high in fibre, manages to keep your body balanced as it has a low GI. Incorporating more low GI foods into your diet can help to improve endurance levels. Cassava root and flour is also full of B-complex vitamins and a number of other minerals that can help with important functions around the body.

Isabel’s Pão de Queijo can be served both hot and cold and are prepared by simply adding grated cheese, eggs and milk to the dough ball mix before baking them in the oven. The product is available nationwide at Ocado and Morrisons as previously stated as well as Booths, Whole Foods, and a selection of other quality independent retailers.

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