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Hakkasan Group Launches Alcohol-Free Drinks Menu

Hakkasan Group Launches Alcohol-Free Drinks Menu

Hakkasan Group has launched the Orchard List, an exclusive, new alcohol-free drinks menu. After two years of research and development, the menu is finally ready to present its innovative drinks that go above and beyond the usual soft drink offering, including a brand new drinks category called Mai-Shin.

”The Orchard List project has been an opportunity to breakdown the notion that premium is only tied to alcoholic drinks. This should be extended to other drink options for guests to enjoy while dining,” explained Group Head of Wine, Christine Parkinson.

She identified a lack of premium non-alcoholic drinks available in restaurants and worked closely with Head of Bar Eder Neto alongside chef, drinks researcher and developer James Morgan to source and develop the very best products from around the world, with several made or imported exclusively for Hakkasan Group. At the end, 29 drinks were chosen by the team to feature on the Orchard List, each demonstrating complexity, quality, character and body usually associated with premium spirits and craft cocktails. The research has spanned several continents with drinks sourced from Europe, Asia and Australia while also championing a hand-picked selection of British producers.

The Orchard List features nine drink categories inspired by over a decade of experience with fine teas at Michelin-starred dim sum tea house Yauatcha, including honey jun, a supreme kombucha tea cultured with honey, and meticulous precision-brewed cold brew teas. Mai-Shin is a rice and Japanese tea infusion, an entirely new drinks category developed by Hakkasan Group.

The list also includes salted juices which are hugely popular in South-East Asia, as well as drinking vinegars, to be enjoyed diluted with sparkling water. Completing the selection will be tree waters such as Ogam Bottled Wood (a wood-infused water from France), craft sodas including the Botanical Spritz, developed specially for Hakkasan Group by Square Root Sodas in Hackney, and Akashi Tai ‘Cider’, imported exclusively from Japan – the increasingly popular cider category in Japan is a play on the word soda.

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