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French Made Beautiful Cakes with Flavour Twist

French Made Beautiful Cakes with Flavour Twist

The leading cake patisserie French Made has developed a rather large following by delivering a range of delicious creation and vintage designs for them to enjoy. The company has rebranded in order to offer quirky and edgy products that will be able to deliver a centerpiece for any occasion with the wow factor.

The business looks to combine French chic with a range of unique flavours that have been inspired by the company’s roots in Provence. The patisserie has a keen sense for on-trend designs and right now is working to redefine the trend for naked cakes.

French Made takes inspiration from rustic and more unconventional themes when creating their products and makes the finished creations eye-catching. The company also develops flavours that are as creative and playful as the designs, with the Provence background of the brand used to further set the company apart. Customers are always eager to snap up the latest French Made collection for their event, whether it is afternoon tea or a wedding, the cake patisserie offers the opportunity for customers to choose from unusual flavour delights such as vanilla and melon, apricot and lavender, orange and black nougat. As part of the rebranding the company have had a shift in focus to more contemporary decorations which utilises fresh fruits and flowers. The striking designs and unusual flavours has gained French Made an expanding customer base.

With fusion baking at the heart of their business, French Made has merged the British and French cultures in their creations. The company has revisited creating traditional sponge cakes with the twist of Provence flavours. Specialising in naked cakes, French Made uses fresh fruit, floral arrangements and traditionally French sweets and biscuits to decorate their delicious cakes, with the opportunity for customers to request a range of fashionable designs that suit their personality and the theme of the occasion.


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