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First Vegan Fish and Chips Restaurant has Been Awarded

First Vegan Fish and Chips Restaurant has Been Awarded

The first Vegan Fish and Chips restaurant has been awarded the Proggy Award from PETA. Matter Fastfoods was been given the prestigious award in order to recognise animal-friendly achievements within the commerce and culture. Other winners of the Proggy awards includes Beauty Bar, Scents & Blends, Bench the clothing brand. PETA an animal rights group that was established in 1980 to promote the principle that animals should not be eaten, worn, experimented, or used for entertainment.

Matter Fastfoods serve plant-based fish, kebabs, wraps and more. The new Vegan restaurant has been open since the 11th March and aims to expand to offer a wider variety of vegan foods in the future. The intention behind Matter Fastfoods will be to offer affordable and appetizing dishes that appeals to everyone. There will also be gluten free options as well as other food options such as vegan fried cheeken, falafel, pie chips, curry sauce and mushy peas. Matter Fastfoods are also offering delivery via an electric van in eco-friendly packaging.

The ‘Proggy Award’ standing for ‘Progress Awards’ is an accolade given by PETA in order to recognise animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture. As more people are seeking more sustainable food options, there is an opportunity for expansion. PETA stands for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and supports the vegan lifestyle as, their motto has a section which reads, ‘animals are not ours to eat’. PETA have noted that choosing to eat vegan foods can spare animals from a great deal of suffering. It has also been mentioned that Vegans are less prone to develop cancer and diabetes than meat eaters are. People who adopt a vegan lifestyle also have a lower carbon footprint. Millions of people every year are choosing to go vegan, and PETA offer a free vegan starter kit, the demand for which increases every year.

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