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Fancy Crab Release new Brunch Menu

Fancy Crab Release new Brunch Menu

A new Brunch menu has been released by Fancy Crab, a restaurant found in Marylebone. The restaurant opened recently and has now revealed that they will be serving brunch for the first time. In order to celebrate this exciting step forward for Fancy Crab, a menu has been released that offers a creative take on classic brunch dishes.

Fancy Crab is one of the few restaurants in London that serve the delicacy of red king crab, an ingredient which also features on the newly released brunch menu. Brunch will be served at Fancy Crab on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-5pm. This sought after shellfish has used as part of King Crab Benedict, which is picked red crab, toasted muffins, avocado and smoked chilli with Yuzu lime hollandaise as well as Crab & Nori Waffles, which is hot waffles served with pickled red crab topped with poached eggs, wild rocket and gruyere cheese.

Fancy crab has set itself apart with the serving this delicacy and the recently released brunch menu demonstrates the versatility of this delicious and succulent meat which has been sourced fresh from the cold and open waters of the Northern Arctic Ocean. The new brunch menu also offers alternatives to king crab, such as Fancy Crab Hash which is a potato and kale hash which is then served with marinated heritage tomatoes, duck egg and seaweed butter. As well as Buttermilk Blueberry Waffles served with yoghurt, a maple glaze and toasted hazelnuts. For guests who are looking for something slightly lighter, what about the Smashed avocado and chia seed on toasted focaccia with seaweed salad, avocado, chilli, lime and sumac.

The red king crab is popular in the US but a rare treat for Brits, Fancy Crab works as restaurant and supplier of for this delicate produce in order to cut out the middleman and offer the freshest produce possible. Fancy Crab works with its harvesting company and one of the largest fishing fleets in the region, the North West Fishing Consortium in order to source king crab directly from the sea. In order to maintain their freshness, the crab is boiled on board the boat and then frozen in order to preserve its freshness.

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