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Sci-Fi London Film Festival Came To a Conslusion

Sci-Fi London Film Festival Came To a Conslusion

On the 6th May 2017 the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival came to a conclusion. During the festival, the winners of the festival awards were announced.

This year the competitions included the 48 Hour Film Competition, which proved popular last year and requires that the entrants create a short film over the course of two days. ‘Missing Edge’ the film created by Team Bustabowl were awarded with the £500 prize and the £10,000 in camera and software equipment. The Team managed to fight off the stiff competition of more than 140 entrants in order to take the crown. In the past winners of this challenge include the Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards, who took the prize in 2008.

Another popular category that returned this year was the 48 Hour Flash Fiction Challenge. This competition asks the challengers to create a short piece of fiction over the course of 48 hours. This piece of fiction had to be based on a title, a line of dialogue and a few other small details that were given to all the entrants. The jury had to work through hundreds of entrants this year and managed to narrow the entrants down to a top 3. The winner in this challenge was The Truth Value by Sian Summers, who claimed the £500 prize.

This year, the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival teamed up with the New Scientist and the PsychFi in order to create a new challenge for the visitors to the festival. All of the entrants were asked to create an untethered immersive mobile experience as part of the VR Science Challenge. For this competition, the entrants were briefed that they had to explain a scientific theory or principle through the use of VR technology. The Law of Gravity claimed the top prize for Adam Azmy and he claimed a prize of £1000 for his immersive experience.

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