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RHS Chelsea Flower Shows Begins

RHS Chelsea Flower Shows Begins

As the RHS Chelsea Flower Shows begins, news of this year’s brilliant garden creations are being published. Amongst the constructions this year is Blue Forests’ handmade treehouse that has designed to look more like a castle than a house and is luxuriously finished.

The treehouse has been constructed out of Kebony which is a light coloured wood that was recommended by the leading architects involved in the project. The garden creation for the annual Royal Flower show will give the public the chance to experience the quality of a Blue Forest Tree House. The Blue Forest stand is located on the main street of the Flower Show the tree house sits in a garden of natural woodland planting that was designed by Architectural Plants.

The tree house has been finished in Cedar cladding and has a copper turret. The treehouse that will be on display this week at RHS Chelsea has been designed as a garden room, with plenty of space to entertain family and friends as a quiet personal space. There are a number of tailor made aspects of the tree house as well, for those interested in the more minute detail; there are copper finials and a great deal of rope work as well as a tailor made interior design scheme for the space.

The Kebony was chosen for its appearance as well as its environmental properties and hardwearing characteristics. Kebony is created through a state of the art and environmentally friendly process to turn sustainable soft woods in to a more durable product by heating the wood with the agricultural by product furfuryl alcohol.

At the flower show there will be two tree stilt walkers guiding the visitors towards the Blue Forest Treehouse. The Blue Forest company first began in 2003 and has since managed to gain a reputation for being one of the leading consultants in tree house from around the world.

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