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IQPlanner Shows Brits Undeterred From Holiday Destinations

IQPlanner Shows Brits Undettered From Holiday Destinations

The travel inspiration and trip planning website IQPlanner has found that British consumer remain steadfast when looking for their next adventure, even with the recent problems with airlines and world events. The company has seen that there has been a steady interest in the wider Caribbean region. It has also been recorded that Brits are still looking into other popular locations such as Barcelona.

Recently, Ryanair has caused misery with hundreds of cancellations caused by a Rota issue, and the popular budget airline Monarch collapsed last week, leaving countless passengers stranded or without a holiday. The flight challenges that have been caused by this industry upset appear to have had little effect on the level of interest shown in journeys to key destinations that are, or were, serviced by these airlines.

It is devastating that so many people have been affected by natural disasters and the catastrophic attacks of the summer, as well as those who have been affected by the most recent flight cancellations. However, the stable level of interest in the areas that have been affected by disaster is a positive sign, showing that the tourism industry in these regions, that could be an essential part of the local economy, could inject funds to help to rebuild and move forward.

IQPlanner feel that Brits have lived up to their reputation for being stoic is regards to their holidays. In these more turbulent times, the travel inspiration and trip planning company has seen a 12% increase in the amount of people looking at itineraries for holidays in Barcelona as well as an equal level of enthusiasm for holidays to Caribbean islands with growing interest in unaffected islands such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada. When Hurricanes Irma and Maria were being reported on, there was an increase in interest of 5% in the unaffected islands by visitors to IQPlanner’s site.

The British determination to seek out experiences and holidays could play a vital part of the rebuilding process in the areas that have suffered significantly over the course of the past few weeks. This will be essential in areas where tourism is considered a mainstay of the local economy.

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