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Countryside Alliance Launch this year’s Game to Eat Initative

Countryside Alliance Launch this year's Game to Eat Initative

The Countryside Alliance has released their Game to Eat initiative. This programme includes a new wild game recipe booklet. The initiative was set up in order to promote the different ways to enjoy game throughout the wild game season. With wild game like pigeon, there is no restriction on when they can be shot, however, with other types of game animals, there are only certain times in the year where it is legal to hunt them. August is the earliest of these periods, for snipe, red grouse and deer, and in preparation, the Countryside alliance has launched their Game to Eat initiative which offers a range of new and exciting recipes to be tried.

The initiative uses the best British wild game on offer in order to create the recipes especially for the initiative, such as traditional roast pheasant and partridge to more modern pheasant nuggets and BBQ grouse. Other options in the recipe includes duck croquettes and spicy partridge satay.

Game meats are known for being low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids as well as being high in vitamins, making them all healthy meat option choices. Game hunting is also a traditionally British pastime and with Brexit on the horizon the Project Manager from Game to Eat, Jack Knott suggests enjoying more traditional meat when they come into season. It is also great news that game meats are becoming more popular as it highlights a support of British agriculture.

During last years initiative, more than 40,000 recipe booklets were distributed across the UK and Ireland. The booklets hare handed out for free and it has been found that the popularity of the resource is growing alongside the popularity of wild game. Hopefully this year’s Game to Eat initiative by the Countryside Alliance will be just as successful as previous years.

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