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Spoon Guru Collects IGD Digital Engagement Award

Spoon Guru Collects IGD Digital Engagement Award

The IGD Awards have been formed in order to celebrate business excellence as well as people development, sustainability and individual success taking place in the food and grocery industry. At each event the winners of the IDG Awards have been selected by a panel of industry experts which include representatives from the IGD and companies across the food and grocery supply chain.

This year, Spoon Guru has been announced as the winner of the IGD Digital Engagement Award. The award was announced at an event held at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London. The Awards ceremony took place last week and saw the company celebrated for their innovative business approach which has helped to improve the shopping experience of those with specific dietary requirements. Spoon Guru uses the latest technological advances in AI and machine learning in order to improve the shopping experience for their customers. The unique search technology that has been developed by Spoon Guru has allowed food businesses to improve and refine their products in order to appeal to customers based on their individual customer profiles. This focused shopping experience leads to an increase of suitable foods available to the customer while cutting down the effort needed to find them.

Spoon Guru has been selected for this award as it is a brilliant example of how technology can be used in the food and grocery industry in order to solve a real problem for shoppers who have dietary requirements. The tool that has been developed by the company has also experienced rapid expansion that has allowed the company to now deliver at scale. Spoon Guru has formed partnerships with a number of retailers around the world in order to offer an innovative commercial solution that could transform the lives of shoppers. It is great that such a positive platform has received recognition at the IGD Awards and no doubt that company will continue to develop their plans going forward.

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